What's New in 20R1.0

The Andi 20R1.0 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. More information is available by selecting the feature name.




The Optimizer is updated with the following capabilities:

  • Field-Level Optimization - Time Off Territory allows users to block time for personal time off, for example, vacation, sick days, or jury duty. In Andi, if a user logs a full day as Time Off Territory, they are not assigned suggestions for that day. No configuration is required for this feature.
  • Based on the success of the previous engagement channel used, training tables are updated to select the best engagement channel for a Suggestion
  • Account-based call frequency and event attendance are now included in an account’s recent behavior when prioritizing the information being sent as a Suggestion or Insight
  • Andi measures the accuracy and bias of some of its models through automatic feedback
  • Andi gathers statistics on the variability of its model’s input features

Logic Agents

Lookback Period

The Lookback Period is the maximum time period for data to be sent by the logic agents to the Optimizer for evaluation. This value ensures Andi does not generate insights against old or obsolete data. Logic Agents now have a Default Lookback Period value. No configuration is required for this feature.

Claims Logic Agent

The Claims logic agent sends Suggestions and Insights to the user when a specific lab result, diagnosis, surgery, or procedure has occurred, or if a series of claim events have occurred for the same patient. The Claims logic agent can also send Suggestions and Insights to users when overall claims for a specified claim type in the HCP’s patient population reaches a specified limit.