What's New in 20R1.1

The Andi 20R1.1 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. More information is available by selecting the feature name.




The Optimizer is updated with the following capabilities:

  • New Profile Traits:
  • Engagement channel preferences - This trait collects information on the channel preference (email or call) of the high decile accounts within each journey stage.
  • Insight priority - This trait compares information on the variety of Andi Insights produced for a particular account to the high decile accounts within each journey stage. This trait triggers Andi to promote an Insight to a Suggestion if it was sent less frequently than expected, as compared to the high decile accounts in the journey stage.
  • Suggestion mix - This trait influences the mixture of Suggestions assigned to users by journey stage and ensures the Suggestions are not just for the most common journey stage (by the number of accounts in the stages) but covers all journey stages.
  • Changes to Suggestions and Insights Behavior - Previously, information could be sent as both actionable Suggestions (Email or Call) and an Insight. Now, information is sent as either an actionable Suggestion or an Insight, but not both. The Optimizer can, however, determine that an Insight should be converted to a Suggestion. The Suggestion would have the same expiration as the Insight it was created from. If an Insight is dismissed, it is not promoted to a Suggestion.
  • Time Sensitivity Score - The Time Sensitivity score uses the number of days since the logic agent was triggered and the type of information included to raise the priority of some Suggestions in the Optimizer. This helps ensure the most important and relevant Suggestions are sent to users.

Andi Admin

Replacing Records Using Data Loading

Admins can specify that all records in the target data store be replaced with records in the uploaded data file by setting UPDATE_TYPE=REPLACE in the control file. This option is typically used for third party data sets that do not support updates with a primary key field. The default value is UPDATE_TYPE=UPSERT.

Logic Agents

Logic Agent Summary Page

A new Logic Agent Summary page displays Logic Agents by Journey stage. For each stage, all configured rules display with a description and the priority assigned to it.

To view the Summary page, select View All Logic Agents from the Journey product home page.

New Fields Added to the Claims Logic Agent

The Claims Logic Agent now includes the following fields:

  • The Common Term field allows Brand Managers to add a common term for each claim type. Suggestions and Insights then use this shortened, more familiar, term that users are most familiar with for the claim type.
  • Claims Trends - Andi generates Suggestions and Insights for changes in Account claim trends:
  • Claim count - Sends Suggestions and Insights based on the number of claim types for an account over a specified time period
  • Period over Period Comparison - Sends Suggestions and Insights based on the percentage change in claims types over a specified duration. This allows users to prioritize which accounts to call.

New Engagement Reason Field on the Engagement Reminder Logic Agent

The Engagement Reason field on the Engagement Reminder Logic Agent is used to indicate when a Suggestion or Insight is sent according to the following triggers:

  • No Calls Logged - Triggered when an account has not had a call created within the specified interval
  • New RAR-Request a Rep - Triggered when an account requests a call

    This requires a custom mapped field. A support ticket is required.

Parent Calls Supported for Samples Logic Agent

The Sample Logic Agent now supports samples that are recorded against child calls. This enhancement provides support to send suggestions or insights for HCO calls that contain child call records with samples.

Period-Over-Period Comparisons Added to Sales Conversion Logic Agent

The Sales Conversion Logic Agent now provides period-over-period comparisons. For example, Brand Managers can set the Sales Conversion Logic Agent to send four week over four week comparisons on product changes between the Journey product and a Competitor product.

Period-Over-Period Comparisons Added to the Sales Metrics Logic Agent

The Sales Metrics Logic Agent now provides period-over-period comparisons. For example, Brand Managers can set the logic agent to send 4 week over 4 week comparisons on NRx (new prescription sales) for the Journey product or a Competitor product. A new Trigger field allows Brand Managers to indicate when Suggestions and Insights should be generated.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

The Result options for a Logic Agent trigger have been changed to:

  • Insights or Suggestions
  • Insights Only