What's New in 20R1.2

The Andi 20R1.2 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. More information is available by selecting the feature name.



The Optimizer is updated with the following capabilities for remote call support.

Remote Call Engagement Channel Added

The Optimizer now includes Remote Call as an engagement channel. Previously, only Email and Call engagement channels could be added to Suggestions. The Remote Call Suggestion template is the same as Call and includes a Remote Meeting tag.

Blocking Engagement Channels

Customers can now stipulate if a particular engagement channel (Call or Remote Call) should not be used by adding a custom field on the Account object for one or both channels. The custom fields must be a check box. If enabled (true), that engagement channel is not used when Suggestions are generated.

The custom field API name must be provided to Andi Services before this feature can be used.

Remote Call Profile Trait Added

Andi now includes a Remote Call profile trait that measures an account’s likelihood to use remote calls to engage with a user. Accounts are ranked in order of the total number of remote calls, which helps the Optimizer determine which accounts are more likely to use remote calls.

Logic Agents

Enhancements to the Co-Pay Cards & Vouchers Logic Agent

The Co-Pay Cards & Vouchers logic agent now includes Missed Refills as a patient redemption rule. This new trigger sends an insight if an account’s patient missed a refill within a specified time period. Missing refills can indicate a patient has an issue with taking the prescribed drug or that the treatment is not working. Users can follow-up with the HCP and provide additional information.

Users can configure the following parameters for this rule:

  • Insights or Suggestions, or Insights Only
  • Minimum number of fills (required) - This represents the minimum number of approved fills a patient must redeem before the insight can be sent
  • Maximum number of fill (optional) - An insight is not sent if a patient has more fills than this value. This can be configured for products that have a specified number of fills (for example, a single treatment)
  • Minimum time since the last fill - This is the minimum time period before an insight is sent. If the value is set to 35 days, the insight is not sent until at least 35 days have elapsed since the last fill
  • Time since the last refill - The minimum number of fills must be between the current date and the maximum time since the last fill
  • Priority

Enhancements to the Sampling Logic Agent

Two new parameters are available on the Sample Followup and Sample Impact rules on the Sampling logic agent. Previously, users could only enter a start date that applied to all triggers in the logic agent. Users can now select a specific sample product and enter a time period range for Andi to send Suggestions or Insights after a sample is dropped off or based on a sample’s impact to sales performance. The specific products and quantity included in the call record display in the suggestion reason.


Date and Time Format Standardized in Suggestions

The format used to display the date and time in Suggestions is now standardized according to the following format:

Field Type







hh:mm a

4:35 PM

Date and Time

YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm a

2020-04-28 4:35 PM