What's New in 20R1.3

The Andi 20R1.3 release includes several new features. Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.



The Optimizer now searches for email addresses in the email field on the Account and Address objects in addition to the PersonEmail field on the Account object. This increases the number of accounts having email suggested as the channel for Actions suggestions.

Logic Agents

Sales Follow-up Logic Agent Order Type

A new order type, Delayed Re-Order, is available to send Suggestions or Insights for orders placed after a specified length after the first order.

For example, Sarah Jones visits Chilton Memorial Hospital. They request an order of Cholecap to be delivered to the hospital’s pharmacy. This is their first order in over 10 months. Two weeks after placing the order, Sarah receives a Suggestion to follow up with Chilton Memorial Hospital.

HCO Sales Orders Logic Agent Updates

  • Optional Target Quantity Field - The Target Quantity field in the Sales Target section is now optional allowing users to enter a value in the Threshold field (required) while leaving the Target Quantity field blank. This configuration generates Suggestions or Insights based on whether a specific threshold (number of units ordered) is reached, regardless of any target value for overall orders.
  • Optional Qualification Field - The Qualification field in the Sales Target section can be mapped to correspond with a custom Engagement Action. When a specific Engagement Action is selected and the Qualification selection is ‘Checked,’ accounts are filtered according to the mapped value and sent Suggestions or Insights. This feature requires a Support ticket to enable.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

The Sales Engagement logic agent is renamed Sales Follow-Up logic agent.