What's New in 20R2.0

The Andi 20R2.0 release includes several new features. Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


Logic Agents

Adding Claim Sets to the Claims Logic Agent

A Claim Set is when a patient presents multiple claims related to a single indication. The Claims logic agent can now be set to send Suggestions or Insights to engage with an Account who has a patient with a claim set and provides information about the possible diagnosis, symptoms, and procedures. These suggestions inform users to create calls with these Accounts.

For example, one of Dr. Ackerman’s patients submits multiple claims for lab work based on a diagnosis of leukemia. The specific lab tests ordered, in combination with the diagnosis, could indicate a T3151 Mutation as the underlying cause. Sarah Jones receives a Suggestion to call on Dr. Ackerman to suggest their patient might be a good candidate for a new product.

Delayed Reorder Engagement Action

The Delayed Reorder Engagement Action is used to send Suggestions or Insights to users to re-engage with Accounts about a particular product when re-ordering a after period of time from the first order. Delayed Reorder can be selected as an Engagement Action when enabling the Sampling, Sales Follow-up, or HCO Sales Orders logic agents.

For example, Sarah Jones visits Chilton Memorial Hospital. They reorder Cholecap to be delivered to the hospital’s pharmacy. Since this is their first order for Cholecap in over 60 days, Sarah receives a Suggestion to ensure Chilton Memorial Hospital is updated on product handling and use for Cholecap and to share new collateral with them.

Configuration is not required.


Admins should never delete or modify anything with _andi in the name. This includes fields, objects, or picklists. These are maintained by the Veeva Andi product team. If these are deleted or changed, the Veeva Andi application will not work properly.